Scott Eastwood Siblings

Scott Eastwood siblings are very talented. Yes, that guy with the amazing abs and the beautiful cheekbones is now in a lead role. He will be starring the newest Nicholas Spark’s movie, The Longest Ride. The film is about an elder man who reflects on the course of his life. Anyhow, Scott Eastwood comes from a huge family of seven kids who all work in the show business.

  Take, for instance, Francesca Fisher-Eastwood. She is an actress and model who starred on Mrs. Eastwood and Company, an E! Entertainment television reality show which portrayed her life with her stepmom Dina. Then, Kyle Eastwood is a musician who is responsible for the soundtracks for movies as Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River.  

On another hand, Alison Eastwood is a director who is also the founder of a Foundation which preserves and supports animals sanctuaries. Last but not leas, Morgan Eastwood is an actress who had an amazing role in Million Dollar Baby.  

There is no doubt tat this family is hard working and posses a whole lot of talent. For now, we are happy to know that Scott Eastwood finally got a very well deserved leading role on a film.