New makeover of cabbage patch doll

The cabbage patch doll are soft sculptured dolls known because of their singularity, as there are plenty of different characters that children can choose from. They were first designed and commercialized in the US, but there are licensed international variations in different countries of South America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia and these variations were longed by consumers from the US who slowly became collectors of this famous and classic doll.

In 2014 the company manufacturing the dolls announced their makeover and they are now seen in stores again. They have a slightly different design but the soft texture and figure is the same. They have new outfits and some of them wear Twinkle Toes bringing them back to be part of the new era. The new makeover was carefully designed and aims to target a new and more demanding kind of consumers

This new makeover has helped the brand to increase its earnings after being stuck for more than ten years and now these dolls can be found almost at every toy store in the US. If you had one and you happened to see one at the stores these days, you will most certainly buy it for your children or any close children you know right away.